The samples chosen for this section reflect those projects that began with the development of a Corporate Identity and applied to different marketing collateral across various objects and mediums.

An Identity relates to the brand by acting as the face of the organization, event or product. Its application to various materials could be likened to the appropriate expression a face makes relative to the stimulus.

The development of a brand that sticks is generally the result of a consistent application over time. I view “consistency” in two ways.  An Identity can be applied the same way every time…or equally different over time. The increment of “difference” is gauged by the agreed upon level of formality. Visual formality is the way in which the message is expressed and should be appropriate to the subject matter tempered by it’s intended viewership. A formal application might vary with little or no difference, while an informal application might have a large amount of difference and a semi-formal application varying left or right of the median depending on the intent.

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George the Salon

CAAM Identity

Center for Asian Arts & Media

Carolyn Grisko & Associates

Carolyn Grisko & Associates

Hyatt Hotels ANARA Spa

Hyatt Hotels ANARA Spa

Taki's Salon Hawaii

Taki’s Salon Hawaii

Detail of the Celtic  "Infinity" graphic

Lankmar Software

Life is Bliss

Life is Bliss