Interactive Sales Tool

The Niketown interactive sales tool utilized every bit of bleeding edge technology available to us at that time. In 1996 CD-ROM’s had only just begun to be considered a viable marketing medium. The presentation was housed on several dedicated laptops and as such allowed us to build an elaborate story, utilizing animations, Quicktime VR, movies and a fully democratic navigation system (a precursor to web navigation).

The presentation began with a financial history, as well as facts and figures outlining the benefits of existing Niketowns to their respective regions. A virtual tour (via QT VR) allowed the viewers to experience every floor of the newest Niketown in Chicago, as well as being able to click on products seen in that tour and view them in the round. A product section expanded upon that, by presenting the latest in sports equipment and technology. A fully interactive timeline from Nike’s inception in 1957 to the present exposed NIke’s dedication to excellence as well as their continued involvement with their community outreach.

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