In the early 90’s Nike had set about to set their brand in stone through the development of a series of shrines dedicated to the culture of Nike. That resulted in Niketown, which proved to be a cornerstone of the brand’s history, culture and products. We were contacted by the agency, Quantum Leap (Leapnet, inc.) and given the task of partnering to developing a sales tool that the Nike team could use to broaden the Niketown footprint both nationally and globally. Together, along with Doug Stone Interactive who programmed the presentation (and devised an ingenious alternative VR navigation), we developed both an interactive presentation and capabilities book that mirrored it’s content.

The project was a first in many ways, given that interactive technology (CD-ROM) and wayfinding were in it’s infancy. Nike provided us with their communication goals and access to their extensive library of marketing assets. The primary goal was to tout the benefits of a Niketown as an economic and cultural asset to the prospective regions and surrounding communities, and secondarily as a benefit to the fringe communities through Nike’s many outreach programs. The fact that they produced a superior product was a given…but also an important component in the presentation.

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Niketown Interactive


Niketown Book