CFAS Identity

Following the Yueh Fei music competition I recognized the organizations’ need for a consistent visual identity.  An organization’s identity is crucial to their success and sustainability. The parent identity needed to be an over arching brand that would allow the subsequent competitions and musical events to brand themselves individually while still retaining a familial look and feel.

An in depth review of their materials exposed an object that had been utilized fairly consistently as a symbol of accomplishment (and as a trophy). The Huang Zhong (hanging bell) seemed an appropriate device to exploit, and it resonated with the Board and Founder and was adopted as the symbol for the organization.

The mark uses both the Huang Zhong symbol in conjunction with the name, and is punctuated with sparse geometric line work balanced with a lyrical swash. Thus illustrating the organizations mission to balance eastern and western music and instruments, and classical with contemporary sounds.

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